3 MAN TEAM CHAMPIONSHIPS 2012

6 teams entered the Max Bergson team Trophy,and a couple of guest lifters 2

ladies and 1 gentleman, the teams were split in to three`s the first group of

lifters was out and with from Wakefield Frank Howgate,from Spartan Consett

Michael Baker, from Team Manchester A Jake Helliwell, from Team Manchester B

Nilesh Morar, from Featherstone Callum Mulhern,from Parkhead Paul Fender and

our gentleman guest from Featherstone Martyn Riley.

First weight on the bar 45kg for his first attempt Frank but he failed, his

second lift was a better lift, he moved to 50kg but again just failed, 52kg

went on the bar for his first attempt Paul, this was a good lift the bar

rose to 55kg for Michael`s first lift and got a good lift, 56kg for Paul`s

second lift and agen it was a good lift, Michael`s second lift with 60kg

was a good lift as was Paul`s third with the same weight Michael finished

with a good lift of 62kg, this weight is also guest lifter Martyn`s first

lift which was a good lift but he missed both his second and third with 67kg

Callum opened with 75kg and then Nelish with 77kg, Callum jumped to 80kg and

good lift Nelish missed his second attempt with 83kg but got his third with

that weight, Callum finished with a good lift with 85kg the bar took a jump

to 100kg for Jake`s first lift he was successful with 105kg and a good 112kg

Onto the Clean and Jerk and first weight for Frank is 55kg which was a good

lift but he failed his second and third attempts with 57kg, next weight on

the bar is 70kg for paul to take his first attempt and it was a good lift

also with 70kg guest Martyn got a good lift, the bar moved up 5kg to 75kg for

Michael`s first lift and a good lift Paul`s second and Martyns second was also

a good lift, Martyn finished with a good lift of 77kg, but Paul failed his

third with 78kg but got the first total down of 135kg, 80kg is next for

Michael but he missed the jerk his third lift with 80kg was however a good

lift and his teams first total is 142kg, the bar was then taken to 90kg and

now for his next 3 lifts on his own Nileshopened with a good lift next was

96kg and a good lift but he failed on his third with 102kg but the teams first

total of 179kg on the board. Callum then rose the bar to 105kg for his first

lift then 110kg agen a good lift and finshed with brilliant 120kg and a total

of 205kg, the bar then took another jump upto 131kg for Jake`s first lift this

was a good lift as was his second with 138kg but failed third and was possibly

a PB attempt with 145kg managed the clean but failed the jerk and got a good

total of 250kg.

So after the first group and with the allowances the positions are,...

In 6th place with 135kg is Parkhead,5th place with 139kg is Wakefield,4th place

with 180kg is Connsett,3rd place with 205kg is Featherstone,2nd place with

317kg is Team Manchester B,and first place position with 371kg is Team

Manchester A.

Onto the second group and the 2 lady guest lifters, from Wakefield Mick

Butterworth, from Consett Anthony Piggot, from Team Manchester A Shaun Clegg

from Team Manchester B David Oakes, from Featherstone Nick Hall and from

Parkhead Rob Bush, guest lady Rebekah Tiler from Mytholmroyd and from

Parkhead Vicky Johnstone.

First weight on the ladies bar for Vicky is 44kg but she missed the lift and

had to take it again this was a good lift and Vicky got her third with 48kg

back on the male bar for Mick and his first attempt with 60kg and a good opener

the poundage moved upto 62kg but back on the ladies bar for Rebekah`s first

lift which was a good lift and a new British under 14 & 15 record, next weight on

the male bar is 63kg for Mick and a good second lift next weight on is 65kg

his first lift Anthony and managed a good lift, the weight stayed the same but

the bar was changed for the ladies bar for Rebekahs second attempt which she

missed but she came back and corrected herself to get the third and new British

under 14 and 15 records, back on the male bar for Nick`s first successful lift

with 70kg with the same weight on for Anthony and his second good lift Nick

rose the bar to 77kg and got a good lift Anthony then went for 80kg but missed

the lift, upto 82kg for his first attempt David and first good lift Nick missed

with 82kg on his third David now with consecutive attempts managed 86kg and 88kg

both good lifts, the bar went upto 94kg for Rob`s first good lift as was 98kg

but he failed his third with 102kg the bar then moved up to 110kg for Shaun`s

first good lift but he failed on his second and third with 120kg.

In the clean and jerk the first weight on the ladies bar for Vicky is 53kg,

vicky was also successful with 57kg and 60kg respectfully on the males bar for

Mick with 73kg and his first good lift and his second with 76kg but he failed

with 79kg on his third, a quick switch of the bars for Rebekah`s first lift with

83kg but was failed with a press out, on her second attempt though she made no

mistake and with that lift broke more British under 14 and 15 jerk and total

records but finished with a very strong lift of 88kg and more British under 14

and 15 jerk and total records what a good day she has had.

Back to the male bar and 90kg for Anthony for his first good lift as was his

second with 95kg, David was next out with 100kg for his first good lift Anthony

failed with the same weight of 100kg the bar moved to 105kg to bring out Nick

for his first lift which a good lift up 2kg to 107kg for David to also get a

good lift the bar rose to 110kg for his first lift Rob managed a strong opener

also with 110kg for his second attempt Nick and another good lift, the rose by

2kg for David`s third successful lift with 112kg, 115kg is next weight on for

Nick to take his third good lift and then 2kg more for Rob`s second good lift

with 117kg he then jumped to 123kg but failed the jerk, the last lifter now

with 3 lifts in this group for Shaun, his first lift is with 131kg which he did

very confortably he then jumped 10kg to 141kg for his second good lift after

this he declined his third lift.

The positions after the second group of lifting are as..... In 6th place with

278kg Wakefield,in 5th place with 340kg Parkhead,in 4th place with 345kg

Consett, in 3rd place with 397kg Featherstone,in second place with 517kg Team

Manchester B, and in first place with 622kg Team Manchester A and a good lead

the Team Manchester A has.

The last group had team Parkhead without a lifter so they dont qualify to

finish the competition with a points score. The last lifters in the final group

are from Wakefield Paul sheen, from Consett Paul Loughran, from Team Manchester

A Christos Michaelas, from Team Manchester B Peter Brezinka, from Featherstone

Mark Wager.

The first weight is 65kg and the first lifter is Paul (wake) and the first lift

is good Paul then moves to 75kg which is the opening weight for the other Paul

(Con) and this was a good lift, Paul (wake) kept the successful lifting going

with his attempt on 75kg,both moved to 80kg where Paul (Con) managed a good lift

but Paul (wake) failed which left Paul (Con) to go upto 85kg unfortunatly he

missed with the weight, the bar moved upto 98kg for Christos for an easy first

attempt he jumped to 105kg but then Peter was first out with this weight which

he lifted very comfortably also with this weight is Mark and he got a good

first lift, Christos kept the good lifts going with his second 105kg he then

moved 3kg to 108kg but just missed the lift, the bar went upto 112kg for both

Peter and Mark, Peter managed a good lift but Mark was just short on his pull

he jumped to 115kg but again just missed the lift Peter had jumped to 118kg

but was just short on the pull and missed the lift.

In the clean and jerk the first weight on the bar for Paul (wake) 85kg which he

did easily paul moved to 90kg and got another good lift but then Paul (Con) came

out with 95kg to open with a good lift Paul (wake) finished his lifting also

with 95kg and a good lift to make a total of 170kg to add to the team total and

the current lead, Paul (Con) now had 2 consecutive lifts with 100kg and 105kg

both good lifts and giving him a total of 185kg. the bar moved onwards and

upwards to 125kg for Christos to get on the score sheet he then followed

himself with 130kg and then 131kg for a British under 18 record attempt but

failed with both on the jerk but with a total of 230kg put his team in a very

strong position, 135kg is the next weight for Peter and Mark and the last 6

lifts of the competition both were successful with 135kg Peter moved upto

141kg and got a good second lift Mark moved to 142kg but failed the jerk, next

weight for Peter 147kg was a good clean but missed the jerk Mark even after

his fail with 142kg jumped to 150kg and finished the competition with the

largest weight and a good lift and a good total of 255kg for his team.


After the sums had been done and the final listings and positions worked out

results are....

Bergson trophy team champions 852kg total Team Manchester A

Bergson trophy team runner-up 770kg total Team Manchester B

Bergson trophy team 3rd place 652kg total Featherstone

Bergson trophy team 4th place 530kg total Consett

Bergson trophy team 5th place 448kg total Wakefield


A big weldone and thankyou for support this competition which has been running

since 1933 when Max Bergson was lifting in competition and strongman events

around that time. Thankyou to the referees who sat there throughout the day

working with the loaders who were actual lifters lifting on the day very much

appreciated for volenteering, and Mr S Cannon for travelling up from the

milands to help as speaker, and finally to Emma tiler who set up a food table

and fed us all.

report by E Halstead NWL wl sec.