Northern Weightlifting


A division of BWLA


British Schools Championship, Oldbury – 13th March 2010


There were over 50 lifters at the 2 platform British schools held at Oldbury near Birmingham last Saturday, the region was well represented from all over the north winning British titles for fun and more being placed 2nd or 3rd.

We had a couple of youngsters in the development under 13s Paul Fender won with 6 from 6 and finished with a PB, with Paul we have Jordan Egerton who also got 6 from 6 and a British title. Jordan Rory Ashworth came in second with a couple of misses on the jerk but enough for the second place.

Up to the next bodyweight and in comes Paris Marie Wright who got a second with 6 from 6, but the winner was Niamh O`Neill with 6 from 6 and another British title for the region. Caleb Elliot won our next British title with yet another 6 from 6 then George Guest winning his first British title and only dropping a couple of points to win easily.  Finally in the younger end Alex Tulley finishes the group with our 5th British title and another 6 from 6 well done to the coaches there.

Conner Dougan started the next group for us with a well earned 2nd place and 6 from 6 lifts.  Also in this group was Matthew Carr who only missed the one snatch due to time out but did well and won a second place. Alex Stokes had a good fight in the snatch by sneaking ahead by just one kilo but in the clean and jerk hurt his leg and had to retire injured after securing second place. Luke Trebillcock lifting by himself needed only to make a total and take our next British title and lifting 6 from 6 he made sure of the title. Our other Luke, Luke Jones however had the toughest class for anyone coming 4th from 5 but lifting a PB in the snatch and a PB clean and jerk and almost breaking the 70kg mark just missing the jerk on recovery with 71kg.

Ahead of Luke was the region’s next British champion Alex Collier snatching an easy 85kg to give him a 4kg lead over Josh Cox from the South West then in the clean and jerk Alex missed his opener of 100kg then was successful and attempted 106kg for British record but after a very comfortable clean his drive for the jerk was just little forward and he dropped it.

Next lift was David Watson lifting in a very tough group up against Sonny Webster an international lifter but David did well enough to earn a 3rd position lifting 3 good snatches but only one clean and jerk.

In the last group we had 2 lifters Benedict Wakwarimba and Christos Michealas, Benedict won his class as he was on his own but did lift well and made a very respectable total then again on his own Christos lifting a very good 6 from 6 to take the title and looked like he lifted well and added some effort for once.

Northern Weightlifting was also very well represented in terms of officials [7 referees] some of whom were also coaching their own lifters.

Congratulations to all out lifters and many thanks to those who made the journey to represent Northern Weightlifting.

E Halstead, NWL Weightlifting Secretary